Suprise Birthday Party! (A Photostory)

While Beezus was having her “me day” this was happening:

This is the table!

The next day: (August 18th)

(The party)
(The presents)

Beth runs to Nora and whispers in her ear,

Beth: Beezus is coming!


*The lights turn off*

Everyone: SUPRISE!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEEZUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Beezus looks around*

Beezus: Thank you all so much!

Later after cake:


Beezus: Thank you all so much!

Caramel: Wait! I see a card! *hands it over*

Beezus: What’s “annoymus?”

Beth: I think it’s supposed to say “anonymous”!

Beezus: Huh…

An hour later everyone leaves.

Beezus: Baxter, Beth, thank you so much for all of this!

Baxter: You’re so welcome!

Beth: Totally!


Shoo! (Countdown to Birthday Photostory)

I was innocently walking out of the bathroom this morning, just finishing getting ready when as soon as Baxter saw me leave the bathroom he started to walk toward me.

Baxter: *Tries to be casual but fails* Sooo, whatcha doing today?

Beezus: Ummm, I was thinking about a “me day.” Ya know? Paint my nails, go to the salon and get a fur brush, watch romantic movies all day and eat a gallon of ice cream.

Baxter: Sounds great! Go do that in a diffrent house!

Beezus: Excuse me?!

Baxter: Ummmm yeahhh. Go to great grandma’s!

Beezus: But-

Baxter: Shoo! Shoo! I promised Beth I would get you out of the house today! Oops… Wasn’t supposed to say that…

Beezus: What-

Baxter: OUT!

Beezus: FINE! I’m going, ok?

Baxter: Have fun with your, um, “me day.”

Later that day

I had so much fun!

I learned to play the guitar!

I ate ice cream sandwiches!

I made a self portrait!

I baked Reeses Pieces cookies!

I even became a ninja!!!

All in all, I had a great “me day!”

Something’s Fishy Here… (A Countdown to Birthday Photostory)

*Eggs sizzling on the stove”

Beth: Whisper whisper

Baxter: *laughs* whisper

Beezus: Hey! *in a sing-song voice* It’s not nice to keep secrets!

Beth sits down at the table.

Beth: I’m not keeping secrets!

Beezus: *raises eyebrows*

Beth: FINE! Maybe we are planning a suprise!

Beezus: *nods* Uh-huh.

Baxter sits at tables

Baxter: Gooooooooodmorning!

Beezus: Hey, anybody know what’s coming up soon?

Baxter: Um, Halloween?

Beezus: NO! That’s not for another couple months!

Baxter: Then why are you wearing a witch hat?

Beezus: Oh! This old thing! I forgot I was wearing it!

Beezus: Anybody want some coffee?

Beth: ME!

Baxter: Me two!!!

Beezus: Oh! The eggs are done!

*A few moments later*

In case all of my readers have yet to figure this out, Baxter is my cousin,

and Beth is my twin!

Oh and this is me! (Down below!)

On with the story!

Beezus: So is my cooking good?

Baxter: *teases* Yeah! You could be on a cooking show!

Beth: *rolls eyes*

Beezus: Really?!

Baxter: America’s Worst Cooks!

Beezus: Oh come on! It’s not that bad. Right?

Beth: Okaaaaaay! New topic! So, Beezus, what’s coming up besides Halloween?

Beezus: MY BIRTHDAY! DUHHH! It’s in 8 days! It’s Sam’s birthday too!

Beth: *teases* What?! It’s your birthday?!

Beezus: Well, it’s my day to clean up so you two go whisper about your secret suprise.

Beth: Have fuuuun!

I smell something fishy going on here… Do you?

CPS Challenge #4

Hi humans, stuffies, and bears! I joined Team Mango

for the Cameras and Pens Challenge!!! Here is my short story!

The prompt is ———> Surprise! I’m back from the dead!

“Why?! Oh why does God have to take her from me so soon?” sobs Sam.

“Uh, Sam, why are are you crying?” I asked.

“B-B-Beezus is d-dead!”

“Ummm Sam?”

“Beezus please shush! This is an emotional time right now.”

A few moments later Sam stops crying and looks up.

“BEEZUS!? YOU ARE OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Surprise! I’m back from the dead!”

“B-b-but how?”


I walk away slowly.

“Uh-oh… I ratted out Auntie and now she’s gonna hunt me down! I NEED TO CHANGE MY NAME! I NEED TO MOVE! But where to? Paris? Hawaii? Sydney Australia? What will my new name be? Brooke? Delaney? Hazel?!

Never fear! No bears or sisters were harmed in the making of this story! This is almost all false except for the characters and their personalities and what would actually happen in real life.


DIY Bullet Journal WITH Link (CW Day #2)

Hello humans, bears, and stuffies alike! Today is Collab Week (CW) Day #2! Todayyyyy I have with me my friend Kaylyn Grace! We each made a Bullet Journal and by the way take advantage of this AWESOME link that I did not make I found this online so I am not taking credit for the creation of this beary awesome printable!

I am making this for my mom/older sister/owner Sam!!!!!!!!!!!! She is sometimes organized, but that is a RARE sighting… By the way, this book is HUGE compared to my small, fluffy, stuffed animal size sooooooo that is why I am giving this to Sam!!!

This is my notebook I will be using!
Here are printables printed
Here are printables cut and ready to go into that beautiful bullet journal!

Here is the 1st page in my book!

This is a closer look at my color coded calendar key!

Here is the 2nd and 3rd page!

Here is the 4th and 5th pages!

Here is the 6th and 7th page!

8th and 9th page!

10th and 11th page!

Last page aka 12th page!

I hope you have enjoyed this post!!!!

Do you use a Bullet Journal? Do you like the printable I linked? Comment down below! 



5 Writing Ideas! (Collab Week Day #1)

Hi guys! It is Beezus the bear! So Collab Week is a week of collabs! I came up with this idea so I can collab with my online friends and find more blogs and more blogs can find me! Anywayssss, today is Day 1 and I will be collaborating with Amie from Crazy A! We are doing 10 Writing ideas! I have 5 on my blog and she has 5 on her blog so go check her out!!!

Dreamy Idea #1~

You are asleep, or so you thought. All you remember is your normal bedtime routine, falling asleep, then you wake up here… Is this a dream? Or have you been transported to a world where everything is perfect- or is it really perfect?

The Brightest Idea (#2)~

Her eyes light up like the 4th of July. She smiles and says, “Lets go!”

 The Right Time (Idea #3)~

“This is not the right time.” I say. “Will it ever be though?” He/she says.

Running, Running, Running (Idea #4)~

He/she leaped over the terrace railing. Running, running, running. Will he/she ever stop?

The Beary Last Idea~

When add character name shows up for her first day of work the building is boarded up. She finds a note taped on the door telling her to go to the back. She finds a shed emitting add color from the door frame.

Hope you guys enjoy!



Fathers Day Fun (A Photostory)

Beezus: You guys, it’s Fathers Day. Fathers Day is almost over. What’s the plan?

Beth: Ummmm plan for what?

Beezus: Duhhhh! The plan to show Daddy and Uncle Biff how much we love them!

Beth: Ohhhhh. Ok!

*Wispers plan*

Baxter: ACTION!

24 minutes later the bears paws are covered in markers, they are grumpy, but satisfied with their cards.

Baxter: Alright listen up!

Beezus: Bax, I’m in charge here! I’m the oldest of us “Juinor bears.”

Baxter: Sorry…

Beezus: Alright listen up! Here’s the plan! We grab our cards, locate the dad bears, sneak up behind them, shout “Happy Fathers Day!”, then give them their cards, then hugs kisses and “I love yous”

Beth: Target spotted

Baxter: Cookie Monster and Dapper and Dashing sitting on couch talking.

Beezus: *whispers* Alright Sergeant move in to the left. Private move in on the right. The General is moving in the middle.

Beth: Whaaaa?

Beezus: I’m the General, Bax is Sergeant, and Beth is the Private. Duh! Doesn’t anyone read about the ranks of the U.S. army?

Beth and Baxter: (At same time) NO!

Beezus: SHHHH!

Birt (Beth and Beezus’s dad): Yes kids?

Biff (Baxter’s dad): Whatcha need?


Beezus: Father, uncle. We are here to present you-

Beth: *rolls eyes* Soooooo normal.

Beezus: As I was saying here are your Fathers Day cards!

Beth: Dad, Beezus and I made a joint card and a separate card for you.

Birt: Awwwww thanks Beezus!

Birt: I’m glad, Beth.

Beth: Me too dad!

Beezus: Here is our joint card!

Birt: Haha. I love it girls! Thank you!

Baxter: Dad, I made you one too. Here.

Biff: *sniffles* Oh Baxter, I’m just passing on the family traditions of midnight cookie runs. *starts crying*


Hi bears, stuffies, and humans! Hope you all are having the BEST Fathers Day a dad could ask for! Make sure to go run to your dad and tell him you love him! Byeeee!

Survey For My DIY Harry Potter Shirt

Heyyyyy! It is Beezus the bear! My family (bear and humans!) are going to Harry Potter World and Disney World around Christmas time! Annnnnnnd Sam (my adopted mom/owner) and I (mostly Sam) is going to make me a Harry Potter shirt and (hopefully) a Disney shirt! The HP shirt is definitely happening, but I’m still trying to convince her about the Disney shirt! Anywayyyy, we (Sam) used PicCollage and made 3 options for my DIY shirt! I just can’t decide between all of the beary AWESOMEEEEEE shirts so we (Sam) made a Google Form for our family, friends, and blogging community to answer!